Comoros donas with espresso! (Mena cooking club)


Asalamuailaykum so unfortunately  I cannot post a recipe  for this months country for Mena cooking club.

So we had been assigned the Comoros islands.

I decided to do the famous donnas !

The Comoros islands are highly influenced by it’s neighboring countries and by Arab, Indian and Caribbean cuisine.

It’s food is super exotic having the most compact diverse flavors know to existence!(yes I’m exaggerating) .

Any ways, I have had a hectic month this month and will be busy till February in shaa Allah.

I might get a new camera soon so that means ways better photos! In shaa Allah.

Also, I started a YouTube page!

Most of the videos are just demonstrations for the recipes here.



Now on to the recipe shall we !

The recipe I used was from:

It was hard to find a recipe that wasn’t a ‘Typical’ doughnut recipe.

Also I wanted to be able to make the batter a little more runnier so I  could put it in a baking doughnut tray.

I’m tryna eat more healthy so not too much frying is the way to go for me.😍

I baked mine at 350°f for around 10- 15 min

The twist that I did was I added instant expresso!!!!!!

Alsoooo I made a coconut oil and coco powder chocolate glaze.

Just melt some coconut oil and a little more chocolate powder then the amount of coconut oil you made.

Just dip the doughnuts after baking them.


Top you might want to refrigerate for 10 min  or freeze the doughnuts for 5 min before dipping.

And then enjoy!

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comoros donas 


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