Mena Cooking Club: Jordanian Coffee

jordanian coffee mena cooking club final photots

Coffee. Oh how I love coffee especially since it has such an amazing warm and fuzzy Aroma!

This month on Mena Cooking Club we were assigned to tackle the country Jordan.

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Now I never really tried Jordanian cuisine let alone Arab coffee. What I did hear about it though is that their coffee is out of this world! The touch of cardamom is so unique and the texture of the coffee is ever so slightly thick and has a chocolaty feel to it.

Now from what my husband has told me, it inst easy to make.

I looked into the key essentials for Arab coffee and here is what I found:

  1. The Blend is usually a dark roasted coffee
  2. You have to add all the ingredients into the pot BEFORE turning on the heat.
  3. The blend of the coffee its self should be Super fine or if you are grinding it yourself, as fine as you can get it.

My first time grinding it:

jordanian coffee mena cooking club final photots #3

My second time grinding it:

jordanian coffee mena cooking club final photots #2

4. For a Jordanian touch a hint of cardamom is highly recommended.

And that is it!

Now onto the recipe shall we?!


1 1/14 cup cold water

3 TBSP of finely ground dark roasted coffee

2 TBSP sugar Optional

1 TSP Cardamom Also Optional but if you want it to be Authentic  Please add it in!

Recipe Adapted from ——-> HERE

Now what I used to make this coffee, was a traditional Arab coffee pot that looks something like this:


( This isnt my photo)


Step 1:

Add all your ingredients to your coffee pot and place on the stove on medium high heat.

Step 2:

Wait for the coffee to boil.

As soon as it looks like it will boil over take it off the heat.

Repeat this step up to 3 times.




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